SME IPO related FAQs

Who can apply for SME IPO and how ?

Online and offline applications are both possible for an SMEIPO. A Demat and Bank Account are required to apply for a SMEIPO online or offline.

  1. How to Apply Offline - To apply for the IPO, you will need the ASBA application form. This form can be obtained from banks, brokers, and lead managers. The form can be filled out and submitted to the bank along with the money. If you are awarded shares, they will be credited to the demat account. If not, a check will be sent to your address.
  2. How to Apply Online - It is simple to apply for an SME IPO online. A trading account is required with a broker. Log in to the website and select the IPO. The application amount will be blocked in your bank account linked to your trading account. Only when you have been allotted shares will it be debited.

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