Mutual funds related FAQs

What are the restrictions on the fees that can pay for the scheme ?

A. A. B. B. The AMC, trustee or sponsors will pay for any expense not listed above. C. All expenses of a scheme, including any redemption or issue expenses, shall be borne by the AMC or trustee. The daily net assets must be INR 100 crore. The next INR 300 million of daily net assets 2.255%; iii. On the next INR 300 million of daily net assets 2.0%; IV. on the balance of assets 1.75%. The following expenses or costs may be added to the scheme in addition to the above limits: a) brokerage costs and transaction costs that are incurred to execute trades, should not exceed 0.12% for cash market transactions, and 0.05% for derivatives transactions; and b) expenses not exceeding 0.30% daily net assets, if new inflows from such places as the Board from time-to-time are not less than: i. 30% of the total scheme gross new inflows or ii. 15% of the scheme's average assets under management (year-to-date), whichever is greater. If the inflows is from cities which are lower than the sub-clause (i), or the sub-clause(ii), expenses on daily net assets will be assessed on a proportionate basis. This clause will be used to cover distribution expenses for inflows from these cities. If the inflows from such cities are not redeemed within one year of the date of investment, the expense will be credit back to the scheme. Additional expenses incurred for different categories under A and B, but it should not exceed 0.2% of the daily net assets of the scheme. The AMC and trustees will bear any expenditure that exceeds the above limits.

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