GST traders will find it difficult to comply with GST. What steps have been taken to reduce compliance burden for small traders?

No. No. This is what the Government has done :

 (a) GST is not required for small traders with turnovers below Rs.20 Lakhs

.  (b) A simple and easy-to-understand composition scheme is available for traders with turnover above Rs. 75 lakhs, where tax can be paid quarterly in proportion to turnover.

 (c) GST seva Kendras have been established in all Commisssionerates under CBEC in order to assist small traders who are subject to the GST law

(d) GST Network will provide an easy-to-use application for uploading invoice details. This will make it simple and hassle-free for traders to upload their invoices. 

(e) GST Network allows for online tax returns and payments. The interface with tax authorities will be minimal or non-existent.

 (f) Small taxpayers have the option to use the services GST practitioners for a minimal fee to ensure compliance with GST.

 (g) GST Suvidha providers (GSPs), will be offering easy-to-use applications that will allow for seamless compliance under GST

.  (h)  All officers must adhere to strict time limits. If all documents are in order, registration will be granted within 3 working days. If the appropriate officer does not respond within three days, registration will be considered granted. 

(i) The application for refund can be made online, with very little interaction with the tax officer. Receipt of refund claims will be sent within 15 days. The claim will then be processed within 60 days. If the claim is not processed within this time, interest will be charged. Without any verification, exports will receive a provisional refund of up to 90%. The beneficiary's bank account will receive the amount of the refund directly.

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